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Conference: "¿Qué hay de político en el Platón utópico de Gadamer?"

Conference at the National University of General San Martín (UNSAM), Argentina (18/10/2021).

Plato's ethico-political and aesthetic thought has not only been a subject of interest to Hans-Georg Gadamer throughout his work, but has had a structuring force for his philosophical hermeneutics. Although he has dealt with the utopian character of Platonic political philosophy at least until 1983, it is between the late 1920s and the mid-1940s that he will write his most famous essays on the relationship among art, education, and politics in Plato, devoting his first book, from 1931, to Platonic ethics. This conference will address Gadamer's phenomenological reception of Platonic philosophy in the context of the fall of Weimar and the rise of National Socialism, emphasising its crucial features: self-understanding as an existential and political task, and the relationship between political courage and the dialectical understanding of Kallipolis as myth. The latter will allow me to offer, from and beyond Gadamer's theoretical developments, some conclusions about the place of civil disobedience as a genuine mode of political action in the Platonic dialogues, in irresolvable tension with the sophistic understanding of the State and the (abuse of) power. See more here (Spanish)


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